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North Florida Money Management is unique because both Alan Hagopian and Kris Gibson are tax preparers, as well as licensed investment professionals. We strive to create long term relationships with our clients where, working in partnership with you, we can advise you in all aspects of your finances. In addition to doing tax preparation and tax planning, we hold multiple licenses, including broker, advisory and insurance.

We are not limited in our approach and have access to investment tools that others may not have. The benefit to you is more choices and the opportunity to use the right tool for the job at hand. Taxes and investments are inextricably linked. Working with people who are experts in both areas can benefit you long term.

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Tax Preparation

North Florida Monday Management provides personal tax preparation for families throughout Florida and around the country. We are proud that nearly all of our clients have been referred to us by existing clients. There is no bigger compliment than having our clients recommend us to others. Unlike some of the big names, we don’t just set up shop for the season and then disappear until the next tax year. We


How well you “sleep at night” is very important to us. The most important thing we can do is make sure you understand your options for investing and saving and are comfortable with the strategies for your personal retirement plan. There are many choices out there and ways of investing. New approaches come on the scene every year. Each method is designed to create options that fit an individual’s comfort

Wealth Management and Preservation

Now that you are in retirement, your goals have changed. It may no longer be about accumulation, but about preservation and protections. Let us help you wisely manage your assets so that you can continue to enjoy the lifestyle you have worked hard to create for you and your family.

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  • We Offer Year Round Tax Preparation

    The tax season never really ends.  The IRS wants you to file and will accept your returns at any time, for any year.  If you have not yet filed your 2020 return, we can still do that, as well as file any previous year returns.

  • Are you contributing to a retirement account?

    If you need to set up an account for the first time, or you want to consolidate accounts and begin having more direct control over where you money is invested, North Florida Money Management can help.  We find that our clients like the idea of having their retirement money close to home and to be actively involved in directing where the funds are invested.  In addition, having professionals that you can sit across the desk from and discuss your finances and investments can lead to a better sense of confidence in your overall planning.

  • You received a letter from the IRS. Now what?

    Seeing the letters IRS in the return address of a letter is never fun.  It can bring on fear, anxiety and confusion.  The worst thing you can do is to ignore it.  When the IRS does not get a response, you make yourself more of a target and things can go south quickly.  Take the time to closely read the letter and determine what has triggered their inquiry . Find the response deadline date and put it on your calendar.  If you need more time to assemble the items that they are requesting,  make sure that you contact them before the deadline.  The IRS is happy to work with you and extend the response deadline date...but they want to hear from you!