How well you “sleep at night” is very important to us. The most important thing we can do is make sure you understand your options for investing and saving and are comfortable with the strategies for your personal retirement plan. There are many choices out there and ways of investing. New approaches come on the scene every year. Each method is designed to create options that fit an individual’s comfort level. Whatever your personal tolerance is, we will strive to form a partnership with you and together come up with a plan fits you.

Some common questions are....


I Am Retiring And I’m Not Sure I Want To Leave My Money With The Company Plan.

Many of our clients come to us because they want to take a more active role in managing their retirement funds. Now that your station in life has changed, your investments are likely to need a fresh look. Preservation is key and strategies for investing may need to be adjusted. We can discuss the options with you and if you choose, transfer your retirement account from your employer to North Florida Money Management.

I Have A Retirement Plan Through My Employer. What Can You Do For Me?

Plans offered through an employer generally provide the investor with some fantastic advantages. Unfortunately, many people have no idea where their money is invested and if the options they have chosen are even helpful to them. Bring your statement to us and we will run it through our account analyzer. It is an objective way to see how your money is invested and where you might benefit from changes.

I’m Just A Beginner, Can You Help Me Get Started?

If you are new to saving for you future, we can absolutely help. The process can be so daunting that many people just give up before they even start. Folks say it’s just too complicated, there are too many choices, and just too much to understand. You do have options such as a Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, or Self-Employment Account (SEP). Together we will the discuss options and guide you to the solution that is best suited for you, based upon your overall financial picture.

I Already Have Those Types Of Accounts In Place. How Can You Help Me?

Terrific, you are on your way to creating the future you want. If you desire to work with a local broker offering a more personal approach, we are here. We can review your current accounts and compare what you are doing with your current tax situation to make sure you are making the kind of decisions that will maximize your savings and minimize your tax obligation.